Can AI make local environmental action more effective?

Joanna Watson22 Apr 2024

We report on how grassroots participants are experimenting with AI to address local environmental challenges.

Wanted – freelance mentor for AI and community action lab

Mary Stevens27 Nov 2023

We are looking for a freelance mentor to support our upcoming lab on AI and community action.

Making the invisible visible- changing the AI narrative

Mary Stevens26 Aug 2023

Mary Stevens explains why it's not too late to change the future direction of AI by harnessing the power of the stories we tell ourselves.

How might we influence AI for good?

Mary Stevens23 Aug 2023

Mary Stevens ponders on where the power lies to influence the future direction of AI for the good of planet and people.

How might AI foster collaboration and active citizenship?

Mary Stevens23 Aug 2023

AI tools present lots of risks to democracy but could they enhance participation, build consensus on difficult issues and capacity for collaboration?

Can we use AI to help solve the climate and nature crises?

Mary Stevens23 Aug 2023

In this first blog post from a series of four, Mary Stevens explores the outputs from our recent design lab on generative AI. If you are interested in collaborating on any of these ideas please get in touch.

Experiments in AI- what we’re doing next and why it matters.

Mary Stevens12 Jun 2023

Mary Stevens explains why it is important for Friends of the Earth to engage with AI and the urgency of developing meaningful checks on the direction of travel as this technology grows exponentially.

How might digital tech help not hinder local action?

Mary Stevens08 Nov 2022

Mary Stevens looks at a case study close to home and ponders how digital technology could help local collective organising round the transition to a sustainable future.

Stepping into the future - following the Hope Spots trail

Mary Stevens30 Nov 2021

An update on how this Lancaster project brings together technology and community to highlight alternative futures

How a new mapping tool identifies potential for doubling tree cover

Joanna Watson16 Sep 2020

How a ground breaking mapping tool empowers activists to talk to landowners about creating new tree cover.

The people's renewables revolution

Hugh Knowles04 Sep 2019

Using the Feed-in Tariff to ensure poorer communities benefit from renewable energy.

5 alternative models of power and ownership in the AI space

Mary Stevens23 Jul 2018

How could alternative models of ownership be adopted to democratise AI as a power for good?

Five things we learned about Artificial Intelligence

Hugh Knowles02 Sep 2019

Could AI help us deliver our work and could we make a meaningful contribution to the AI debate?