How to create safe and inclusive spaces in nature

Joanna Watson04 Dec 2022

What we learned from community organisers through the Local Nature Innovation Fund

What we learned about running local nature projects

Joanna Watson04 Dec 2022

The joys and tears shared by the community organisers who benefited from the Local Nature Innovation Fund.

Paid-for wildlife gardening to fund free community greening?

Joanna Watson27 Sep 2022

Community gardening projects need sustainable funding. Ciaran Biggins explains what we’ve learned in testing this concept in Hackney, East London

What we learned from Dyffryn Gwyrdd – is this the start of something big?

Joanna Watson01 Aug 2022

Joanna Watson captures the reflections of the Experiments team after our get-together in North Wales.

How might we find the seeds of a better future in disaster?

Christian Graham09 Jun 2022

Christian Graham reflects on how planning for disaster can force the pace of change.

What I think about when we think about impact

Christian Graham07 Jun 2022

Christian Graham reflects on some ideas for measuring the impact of our work

Using animation to tell environmental stories

Mary Stevens24 Mar 2022

From Finding Nemo to finding solutions - Mary Stevens joins a workshop on animation and reflects on why moving pictures make stories stick

Helping people thrive - seed funding for nature-based projects

17 Mar 2022

How to apply for Friends of the Earth's catalyst grant to support your local nature project.

Re-generation thinkers

Mary Stevens02 Mar 2022

How might we create a cohort of early career researchers to connect with activists and explore new thinking and test ideas?

What makes Tiny Forest Caerffili (Caerphilly) a beacon project?

Joanna Watson02 Feb 2022

Joanna Watson finds out what motivated an environmental group to plant a forest in a local park and what they learned along the way.

OwnIt inspires more women to take action with their finances

Sarah Tulej26 Jan 2022

But I don’t have ‘finances.’ Sarah Tulej explains how building confidence and supporting each other to talk about money can help women make a positive difference in tackling climate change.

Stepping into the future - following the Hope Spots trail

Mary Stevens30 Nov 2021

An update on how this Lancaster project brings together technology and community to highlight alternative futures

Why we need to get better at sharing knowledge and expertise

Mary Stevens22 Nov 2021

Mary Stevens reflects on why tapping the experience of activists and experts can be so challenging and how to make connections easier.

How women could shift £1billion to green investments by 2030

Anneka Deva06 Sep 2021

Anneka Deva from Enrol Yourself talks about the success of the OwnIt pilots and how women could be a powerful force for climate action in a decade.

Why ethical investment platforms Ethex and Energise Africa think OwnIt is a great idea

Joanna Watson23 Aug 2021

Rachel Mountain explains why Ethex and sister platform Energise Africa have supported OwnIt in making it easier for women to make informed and ethical personal finance decisions.