Current projects

Kale Yeah!

How can loyalty schemes be used to change people's habits?

This scheme, taking place Portsmouth University, encourages students to eat less meat by offering one free meal if they buy 6 vegetarian or vegan meals at their canteen.

Find out how it works – and whether your canteen could do something similar.

Postcode gardeners

To tackle climate emergency we need to bring back nature at a global and local level. 

But how can we go about doing that in our local area?

We piloted a project in East London aimed at bringing people together to build a more connected community around gardening.

Money Movers

Pensions and ISAs account for a large portion of our economy, yet we know little of how they are funded.

What's more, women often have a smaller pension pot than men and are less likely to take out investment options like ISAs.

We are piloting a scheme aimed at making it simpler for women to take climate action with their personal finance.

Re-imagining the green belt

The "green belt" is an area of land around a city on which building is restricted. 

Many of the UK's green belts are poor-quality farmland. And lots are underused by the very people who could benefit from getting closer to nature.

This scheme aims to improve green belts around the country and open it up for everyone to access.

Human + Machine

As an organisation determined to make the world a better place, Friends of the Earth is always looking for ways to increase our impact while ensuring new technology is a force for good rather than ill.

Could artificial intelligence be harnessed to help organisations such as ours, and how might we prove its worth in the sector?