The problem

The climate and ecological emergency demands urgent and far reaching action.

But we are an increasingly divided society and many of us feel lonely and anxious. This makes any change difficult.  But the speed of change needed could make this even harder and deepen divisions.

To speed up…sometimes we need to slow down and bring people together in a new response.

What if…

We develop, organise and scale-up community-led projects to cut emissions of greenhouse gases and help nature thrive, connecting people and reinforcing a sense of community to help respond to the climate emergency.

Our practical experiments prove what’s possible and can serve as powerful examples to inspire the public and influence decision makers. 

Our principles

We are a small team at Friends of the Earth ready to test, fail, learn and move on.

We look for environmental challenges faced by communities.

We design and run small experiments to find solutions.

We find ways to grow promising solutions and tell the story to influence decision-makers like councils or government.

Our projects

Catalyse activity that leaves communities strong and connected after the work is finished.

Use new approaches, technologies and financial mechanisms where it makes sense.

Make sure new ideas are built with and for those least served by innovation.