AI is a hot topic- but will it work?

Sadaf Rasheed04 Jun 2024

Sadaf Rasheed reflects on the role that AI might play in solving problems of litter and incomplete data and whether it can empower community action to address these.

Using AI to visualise the impact of our local environmental action

Joanna Watson21 May 2024

Fenella Corrin talks to Joanna Watson about her reflections on our recent AI Lab and how she’s taking her idea forward.

Can AI make local environmental action more effective?

Joanna Watson22 Apr 2024

We report on how grassroots participants are experimenting with AI to address local environmental challenges.

Sound - a key to collective imagination

Joanna Watson08 Apr 2024

Joanna Watson and artist Adah Parris explore the role of sound art in forging a closer relationship with nature and place.

What next for Money Movers?

Mary Stevens25 Mar 2024

What we’ve learned over the past 5 years delivering Money Movers with Huddlecraft and why now’s the time to pause and reflect.

An exciting future for Postcode Gardening.

Joanna Watson19 Mar 2024

As the Postcode Gardener programme scales up, Ciaran Biggins and Joanna Watson share reflections as it transitions from its pilot phase.

Wanted – freelance mentor for AI and community action lab

Mary Stevens27 Nov 2023

We are looking for a freelance mentor to support our upcoming lab on AI and community action.

AI and community action – invite to join our experiments lab

Mary Stevens15 Nov 2023

Join us for a 3-month practical learning journey exploring how communities can use AI to work together to address environmental challenges in their neighbourhoods.

How might we influence AI for good?

Mary Stevens23 Aug 2023

Mary Stevens ponders on where the power lies to influence the future direction of AI for the good of planet and people.

Can we use AI to help solve the climate and nature crises?

Mary Stevens23 Aug 2023

In this first blog post from a series of four, Mary Stevens explores the outputs from our recent design lab on generative AI. If you are interested in collaborating on any of these ideas please get in touch.

What we learned from the postcode gardener start-ups

Joanna Watson14 Aug 2023

As we partner with The Co-operative Bank to scale up the postcode gardener programme, we reflect on some of the lessons learned from the pilot phase.

Facilitation tools to unleash joy

Mandy Holden29 Mar 2023

Mandy Holden reflects on how we might bring more creativity and joy into our working practice.

Our manifesto - how we work

09 Feb 2023

The Experiments team's work is guided by these principles. Here's a brief explanation of why.

The seeds of a nature-based curriculum

Mandy Holden18 Jan 2023

We capture some reflections from Darren Squires and Amrish Pandya on working in schools on projects part-funded by the Local Nature Innovation Fund.

How micro-granting can catalyse grassroots innovation

Mary Stevens, Experiments Programme Manager10 Jan 2023

Our Local Nature Innovation fund was an opportunity to try out a new approach to catalysing innovation. We explain why micro-granting is a useful tool for NGOs looking to nurture grassroots change.