How a new mapping tool identifies potential for doubling tree cover

Joanna Watson16 Sep 2020

How a ground breaking mapping tool empowers activists to talk to landowners about creating new tree cover.

Local micro-nurseries - an answer to sourcing native trees

08 Jun 2020

How might micro-nurseries increase the supply of native trees, help build resilient urban forest and generate cash for locals?

Together we can transform the green belt

Ben Moss, land steward and activist01 Jun 2020

Ben Moss describes his vision for rewilding the green belt for people and nature.

The puzzle of land for trees: supporting communities to find the missing pieces

Mary Stevens03 Apr 2020

Mary Stevens shares our work in finding land for trees as a natural climate solution.

Future Forest Fund: how to grow a better future

Joanna Watson31 Jan 2020

How an investment product for young people could unlock finance for woodland creation

From hot spots to hope spots. Bringing a wildly different green belt to life.

Mary Stevens15 Jan 2020

The climate crisis is motivating people to plant trees and make space for nature to recover. Can we use a local mapping tool to show them where to start?

Community rewilding incubator

Danny Gross21 Nov 2019

How a community-led rewilding incubator could engage people in land management decisions as a beacon for other areas. 

How growing trees could connect communities in a climate forest jigsaw

Joanna Watson22 Aug 2019

Paul Preece shares his reflections on a 3-week sprint to re-imagine the green belt.

A wildly different vision: greening the Green Belt

Guy Shrubsole12 Jun 2019

Friends of the Earth is working on the challenge of how we can double tree cover. Campaigner Guy Shrubsole shares his ideas about why we should start with greening the Green Belt and asks “is this really the best we can do?”

Wilding on the inside

Fiona Macdonald26 Jul 2019

Artist Fiona Macdonald explains how living in nature expands her artistic imagination.

A green belt immersion: notes from the field(s)

Mary Stevens22 Jul 2019

Reflections on our design practice during a recent immersion in the green belt which many city-dwellers rarely stop to enjoy.

More trees for London's green belt?

Joanna Watson28 Aug 2019

As part of our campaign to double tree cover in the UK we visit Trent Park in Enfield to find out more about London's green belt.