Wilding on the inside

Fiona Macdonald08 Apr 2024

Artist Fiona Macdonald explains how living in nature expands her artistic imagination.

Sound - a key to collective imagination

Joanna Watson08 Apr 2024

Joanna Watson and artist Adah Parris explore the role of sound art in forging a closer relationship with nature and place.

An exciting future for Postcode Gardening.

Joanna Watson19 Mar 2024

As the Postcode Gardener programme scales up, Ciaran Biggins and Joanna Watson share reflections as it transitions from its pilot phase.

What we learned from the postcode gardener start-ups

Joanna Watson14 Aug 2023

As we partner with The Co-operative Bank to scale up the postcode gardener programme, we reflect on some of the lessons learned from the pilot phase.

Experiments in AI- what we’re doing next and why it matters.

Mary Stevens12 Jun 2023

Mary Stevens explains why it is important for Friends of the Earth to engage with AI and the urgency of developing meaningful checks on the direction of travel as this technology grows exponentially.

Tools for mapping land for community-led growing

17 May 20231.25 MB PDF file

Read this summary of community-friendly mapping tools to help speed up and demystify the process of accessing land for growing food.

How to map neglected spaces for community-led growing

Mary Stevens15 May 2023

Mary Stevens discusses the difficulties of identifying land available for community growing and what tools could help.

How Oxford City Farm helped refugees connect with nature

Dot Tiwari30 Jan 2023

Dot Tiwari shares her reflections from organising a workshop funded by Friends of the Earth.

The seeds of a nature-based curriculum

Mandy Holden18 Jan 2023

We capture some reflections from Darren Squires and Amrish Pandya on working in schools on projects part-funded by the Local Nature Innovation Fund.

How Kingsmeadow helps their community connect with nature.

Joanna Watson11 Jan 2023

We capture some reflections from Catherine Sama during conversations about the project part-funded by Friends of the Earth.

How micro-granting can catalyse grassroots innovation

Mary Stevens, Experiments Programme Manager10 Jan 2023

Our Local Nature Innovation fund was an opportunity to try out a new approach to catalysing innovation. We explain why micro-granting is a useful tool for NGOs looking to nurture grassroots change.

How Mountford rekindled community growing skills

Mandy Holden03 Jan 2023

We capture some reflections from Rose Gibbs during conversations about the project part-funded by Friends of the Earth.

What we learned from running a seed fund

Mandy Holden15 Dec 2022

We share our reflections on how to create an inclusive funding space geared towards experimentation and learning.

How to create safe and inclusive spaces in nature

Joanna Watson04 Dec 2022

What we learned from community organisers through the Local Nature Innovation Fund

What we learned about running local nature projects

Joanna Watson04 Dec 2022

The joys and tears shared by the community organisers who benefited from the Local Nature Innovation Fund.