What next for Money Movers?

Mary Stevens25 Mar 2024

What we’ve learned over the past 5 years delivering Money Movers with Huddlecraft and why now’s the time to pause and reflect.

OwnIt inspires more women to take action with their finances

Sarah Tulej26 Jan 2022

But I don’t have ‘finances.’ Sarah Tulej explains how building confidence and supporting each other to talk about money can help women make a positive difference in tackling climate change.

Three things we learned at COP 26 about taking climate action with your finances

Mary Stevens10 Nov 2021

Mary Stevens explains why we need OwnIt more than ever.

How women could shift £1billion to green investments by 2030

Anneka Deva06 Sep 2021

Anneka Deva from Enrol Yourself talks about the success of the OwnIt pilots and how women could be a powerful force for climate action in a decade.

Why ethical investment platforms Ethex and Energise Africa think OwnIt is a great idea

Joanna Watson23 Aug 2021

Rachel Mountain explains why Ethex and sister platform Energise Africa have supported OwnIt in making it easier for women to make informed and ethical personal finance decisions.

Doing good with your money - where next for OwnIt?

25 Jan 2021

We’ve tested and flexed OwnIt to empower women to do good with their money. Where next for this exciting initiative?

Own It: team up to take climate action

05 May 2020

Why is now the time for women to come together to take climate action with their finances, and what is the best way to do it?

Future Forest Fund: how to grow a better future

Joanna Watson31 Jan 2020

How an investment product for young people could unlock finance for woodland creation

Why women talking money works for the climate

Mary Stevens04 Oct 2019

How peer-to-peer support motivates women to take climate action with their money.

Women, finance and climate action: resources to help you get started

Mary Stevens07 May 2019

Resources to support women in hosting informal conversations about how to use their money for good.

What is positive investment and how can we make it easier?

Mary Stevens12 Nov 2018

How do you make it easier for people to invest their savings in climate-friendly funds that help build a healthier planet?